4 tips when starting with your new hospitality staffing agency

Starting with a new hospitality staffing agency is more than likely to be a daunting task. Luckily we’ve compiled these 4 tips, which should allow you to avoid the pitfalls of choosing an agency, and better yet getting your relationship off to a good start:

  1. When choosing your new agency beware of providers over-promising. This is a business with people, not lifeless widgets. No one can guarantee 100% satisfaction. This also works both ways. Many hotels may expect zero absenteeism, zero tardiness, and 100% performance. It is impossible to deliver 100% results with any type of HR task. If an outsourcing company promises you a guarantee that people will never get sick, never be late, and will always perform 100%, then they are simply lying and trying to sell you. Make realistic expectations and stick to them. That doesn’t necessarily mean you have to set your expectations too low however…

  2. Do not sign any binding exclusivity contracts. You, the purchaser should never sign a binding contract where you are obligated to only order exclusively from one company. This is simple business logic; do not put all your eggs in one basket. At a minimum have two providers to spread your risk, as well as a way to compare and contrast service quality. If you fail to have multiple providers, this will result in making agencies too comfortable and less competitive.

  3. Now that you’ve started with your new hospitality staffing agency, it is time to train (link to “how to accelerate employee training) the new staff. Ideally, hotels should let providers use facilities if possible. They can train their staff on site, as trainings on site are much more effective and efficient than anywhere else. Workers immediately learn how to enter the hotel, how they should look, and most importantly they see from first-hand common practices. This will reduce the amount of staff that will be clueless the first time at work. It will also give the worker more confidence to sign up for working with you in the first place.

  4. Finally, treat the people that come to your company (link to “aggressive/defensive behavior) as if they were your own staff. Although these staff technically work in another company, they should be integrated into the team just as everyone else. It is these staff that are to represent your company, thus they deserve to be treated as one of your own.

Join us next time, where we’ll talk about what makes a good partnership with your outsourcing partner.

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