How to make relations with a successful staffing agency work

For many, the relationship between a hotel and its staffing agency can become easily strained. This is not only unfortunate for those companies, but the customers that must deal with disgruntled employees who are caught in the middle. It is therefore paramount to catch any problems that may arise early on, and maintain a healthy working relationship. Therefore, how does one ensure success with a successful employment agency?

For any good partnership to work, everything starts with communication. Both sides should communicate at all times. What are each other’s needs, wants, and difficulties? It is important to always communicate all issues as they arrive, rather than wait for days as problems are forgotten and begin to fester.


It is not only the needs of the hotel/client that need to be continuously communicated, but your provider should be doing the same. This is a mutual relationship. Take for example, difficulties with high employee rotation. Take advantage of having a third person perspective to get down to the root of the problem. While problems may be with the provider, perhaps it is due to conditions that can be changed internally. Many times this involves unfair treatment by managers, breaks not being given to workers, or low salaries. Ask your provider to research and tell you the truth no matter how much it hurts. This is not a blame game, but business. Find the root of the problem and work with your provider to address any problems. It is not always the provider who has the power to fix problems but open communication paves the way to fix any problem.

As briefly mentioned above, take advantage of your agency’s expertise/ third person perspective. It is not simply the employees you are “borrowing”, but also the business expertise you gain when hiring an outside consultant. Remember that the agency is supposed to be your expert in what works for staffing strategies. They should be keeping up with the newest trends, but also giving you the knowledge they gain through working with many different partners.

Finally, remember the provider you are hiring needs to be part of your team. Everyone shares responsibility and it is in everyone's interest for your guests to return. If your guests are happy they will return or they will at least spread the word. Returning guests are good for everyone involved. Remember work as a team and the relationship will be beneficial for everyone involved.

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