5 tips to improving customer service at the front desk

As anyone in hospitality, or customer service for that matter should know, is that it is the front-line employees who you depend on for customer satisfaction. This is key in any company, but no more so than in hospitality. Why is this important? The answer should be obvious. Satisfied customers lead to repeat customers, who spend more money, are easier (and cheaper) to retain, and loyal customers spread reputation by word of mouth. This all of course starts with your employees or in our case the people your vendor is supplying. So how does on go about attaining and then keeping up high customer satisfaction? Below are 5 tips to help you out:


  1. Employee selection: The people who are interacting with your guests must be selected carefully. It is the human touch that is most effective in gaining customer loyalty. Be sure to recruit wisely and screen any candidates your vendor may be putting through.

  2. Setting standards: It is impossible for your employees to know what is expected of them unless you begin by telling them. Set these expectations and have regular performance reviews. Not only does this keep the employees on point, but your provider as well.

  3. Training: Training is essential for getting your front-line employees up to speed. True they may have a knack for interacting with people, but only by training, and then continuously repeating this can one guarantee success. Need help with training? See our article on “Accelerating Employee Training”.

  4. Enforce this behavior by linking these to incentives. These do not necessarily have to be money. For example, at Staffer, we reward top waiters with movie vouchers.

  5. Don’t forget the customer. Customer satisfaction surveys should be regular. On top of this seek out complaints. While one person may mention a complaint, the usual case is that ten more people think the same but don’t tell.

Final thoughts… The real trick here is no trick. Treat your employees as well as you treat your customers (if not better) and you’ll find the results are amazing. Too many times as an outsourcing company, we’ve found performance degraded because of no breaks, underpaying, or overworking staff. Pay them appropriately, treat them with respect, and empower them to become great in customer service. The results will speak for themselves.

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