How aggressive behaviour management can save working relationsips

Workplace conflict can be an issue anywhere, especially when dealing with hospitality outsourcing companies. After many years of experience in hospitality and outsourcing, the most detrimental behavior by managers is aggression. This should be important to employees at all levels, as it leads to unhappy staff, and is ultimately detrimental to service quality. Thus, the need for aggressive behavior management.


This can be backed up with a significant amount of research. This can better be explained by the following model. One of the most popular tools to measure an organization is called the “Organization Culture Inventory” (OCI). The OCI, which can be seen on the right, measures 12 different behaviors within the organization. In essence, it helps to quantify and manage organizational culture. Organizations will typically fall into three different types of organizations: Constructive style, Passive/Defensive Styles, and Aggressive/Defensive Styles. Guess which one we’re talking about?

Now, why is it so bad to create this type of organization culture (aggressive/defensive)? Human Synergistics* writes, “these types of organizations “burn out” and lose many people, including their best members, to other organizations.” More importantly, in particular in the hospitality or customer service industry, these symptoms include:

  • Poor teamwork
  • Aggressive customer service styles
  • Inferior service quality
  • Inconsistent or poor service quality

Employees, or those who you’ve hired to take care of your clientele, are the face of the company and should be treated appropriately. Acting aggressive causes lack of motivation, stress, dissatisfaction, and pressure, thus all leading to poor service.

This article should be a word of warning to aggressive managers. Pay attention to how to treat your employees, and they will treat your clients with the same respect.

*human synergistics, 12 behavior measured, org culture climate

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