What We Do

We at Staffer are dedicated to helping employees and employers achieving customer service excellence. Want to become a hospitality professional? This is the place. Combined with our use of technology, we're making the HR space easier for everyone.

How it works

Staffer - how it works

Our Mission

Our mission at Staffer revolves around 4 key points:

Whether it's paying our workers on time or meeting client expectations
Level of Service
Honesty is the
best policy
Staffer Tool

With these principles and the mission to turn everyone into professionals, this has led to happy employees, happy customers, and better yet an easier job for everyone.

Meet the Management Team

Pamela Gmiter


Management Team LinkedIn

Pamela has quite literally spent her whole life in the hospitality industry. Having grown up in Germany, she began by working in her family’s restaurant. After finishing hospitality school at the prestigious Hotel Nassauer Hof, she worked her way from the ground up; first as a waiter, supervisor, and assistant manager in world class hotels. Discovered in January 2010 by Ari Hecht, she has used her immense experience and talent to develop Staffer’s business from a small start-up to where it is today. She is currently attending SGH Warsaw, where she is expected to finish her Canadian Executive MBA summer 2014. Pamela is fluent in Polish, German, and English.

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