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Our mission at Staffer is to help ease the cost and complexity of hospitality outsourcing for employees and employers alike. Staffer’s beginnings were as hospitality professionals. This has meant a constant focus on customer service excellence. This is done through training, partnerships with employers, and the use of technology.

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Staffer creates cloud based platform for the hospitality industry
Staffer, Poland’s leading hospitality temporary staffing and employee leasing group, has announced the launch of its new cloud based recruitment platform I Sign. This new platform saves recruitment time and money by allowing hotels and catering companies to manage their contingent and leased workforce with Staffer in the cloud in live time.

Pre trained and inducted part-time workers are now able to see in live time work shift opportunities and their locations. In addition, the platform is directly automated to Staffer’s accounting system for payment of the worker’s on a timely basis.

Hotels and catering groups can now get reporting on their hours worked and will eventually be able to have all their payroll outsourced in the tool. The platform increases recruitment fill rates and speeds up the entire workforce management process.

“We are very proud of the work and investment that the Staffer team has done in launching this new platform” stated Peter Strupp, Staffer President of the Board Peter Strupp. “This tool is also being adopted as a standard within the overall Polish temporary staffing industry. It is a powerful new innovation”.

For more formation on Staffer’s I Sign platform can save your company recruitment time and money, please contact Ms. Pamela Gmiter, Staffer Operations Director, at (48) 660 411 766.

About Staffer

Staffer is a leading provider of temporary staffing workers to the hospitality and catering industry. It has representation in all major cities in Poland. The company provides temporary staff such as waiters, kitchen support, set up crews, and hostesses. It also is a major employee leasing provider, and cloud based recruitment administrator.
Staffer creates cloud based platform for the hospitality industry
New Staffer system launch
Staffer, a New York City based contingent workforce management (CWM) outsourcer, has launched a cloud based CWM system in Poland. Staffer CWM enables employers in all sectors to define & cost shifts, order certified workers, review payroll information, and assess performance of hourly workers 24/7, from an internet connected computer or mobile device. Job Seekers can use Staffer CWM to apply for work, fill shifts, receive pay information and gain access to training and skills development that improves their career prospects on the ground and online.
New Staffer system launch
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